Friday, March 25, 2016

Arthro-Pod Episode 18: A Dance with Dragonflies; Featuring Dr. Jessica Ware

Greetings bug lovers and welcome to episode 18 of Arthro-Pod!

Today we meet up with Dr. Jessica Ware of Rutgers University to learn all about dragonflies and where they come from in evolutionary history!

Plus: Learn how to deal with fleas!
Is there a better way to scout for emerald ash borer? 
How can roadsides help pollinators out? 
Tune in!

You can check our Dr. Ware's site here:
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If you are interested in ESA's "Memoirs of Black Entomologists" you can purchase it here:

Pest Profile

Fleas can be terribly annoying biting pests that harry our pets and transmits diseases/parasites. In today's episode we discuss an integrated approach to removing them from your pet and home. 

More flea help:

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