Thursday, April 12, 2018

Arthro-Pod Episode 41 Find Your Why with Kristie Reddick

Howdy, howdy bug lovers! On today's episode we step back from entomology a bit and talk with Kristie Reddick of The Bug Chick about framing "your why". If you are a student or are struggling at work to keep slogging through a difficult time, thinking about why you are doing what you are doing can sometimes help get you back in the flow. As Kristie says in the episode "what makes us go, can help us grow." 

After you sit down and think about your "why" for why you are on social media, why you do research, why you like insects, share it with us on Twitter with #mysciencewhy

Our guest Kristie Reddick and her arthropod friend

Be sure to find Kristie and Jess online at
You can also find them on Twitter a @thebugchicks and on Facebook

Kristie and Jess are out there doing great work, check out their site and hire them!

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