Monday, October 27, 2014

Arthro-Pod Episode 4: Carpenter ants and Frightening Insect Films part 2

It looks just like a family reunion

Today we conclude our look into the world of scary insect films! We stick with social insects for our next film, The Empire of the Ants. It would be generous to call the film a real stinker, but there are still some interesting themes to talk about. We dissect what the giant ants may symbolize as well as the real world biology that helps them be so terrifying! 

Trailer for Empire of the Ants:

The film is free on YouTube and is cut up into 6 parts:

Materials on slave driver ants


Oh look, it's the queen!

As usual we provide you with a pest profile so you can use some IPM based methods to insect control. Our newest pest is the carpenter ant (it's all ants all the time this week). Tune in to hear about symptoms of a carpenter ant infestation and some ideas for control!

Carpenter ant info fron Nebraska:

Carpenter ant info from Minnesota:

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