Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Arthro-Pod Episode 14: Aquatic Insects and Invasive Species with Dr. Josh Adkins

Hey there bug people and welcome to today's show! Today's feature interview is with aquatic entomologist and all around cool guy Josh Adkins of Transylvania University! Tune in to learn more about invasive species and their far reaching effects, what kinds of stuff water bugs like to eat, and even hear about another podcast you should check out! Up front we still have our Pest Profile and Entomology Today news so it's an episode chock full of goodness!

Some of the insects you could find in your local streams
Photo credits: I. Graziosi and J. Adkins

If you would like to read more about Josh's work with hemlock woolly adelgid you can check out one of his publications right here: 
HWA SEM Slide from http://www.slideshare.net/ltweed/cary-forum-exotic-pests - photos by K. Oten

Also be sure to check out Discovering Darwin so you can hear more of Josh's dulcet tones
Pest Profile

Yellowjackets are helpful in terms of biological control but they can also be a health hazard with their sting. If you are seeing wasps come up from the ground or are finding them in a retaining wall it is likely you are facing a colony of yellowjackets. If you have ever been confused and thought you were dealing with a honey bee colony here is a helpful picture to tell them apart. 

Yellowjacket help:

Entomology Today News

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