Friday, August 28, 2015

Arthro-Pod Episode 15: Save the Bees and be a Citizen Scientist with Louise Lynch and Natalia Bjorklund

Greetings bug lovers! Today we are going to learn all about bees, how to help them, and citizen science projects! Anyone can be a scientist and help to unlock the mysteries of the insect world, so join up! In addition we use the Kermes scale for our Pest Profile and of course we catch up with the news at Entomology Today. Tune in!

Today's awesome guests Louise and Natalia!

Our guests mention loads of cool projects that you can join as a citizen scientists! 
Here are a couple housed here in Nebraska:

While these are national projects they would like to see have a Nebraska chapter! Check to see if your home state is already helping!

If you want to learn more or join up be sure to contact Louise or Natalia:

Pest Profile
Kermes Scale

Kermes scales end up in our oak trees pretty frequently! They can cause black sooty mold problems as well as branch dieback, so people don't like them! At this time of year they are having babies and are at their easiest to control.

Photo by James Kalisch; UNL Entomology
More info on Kermes

Entomology Today News

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