Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Arthro-Pod Episode 9: Urban Heat Islands, Scale Insects, and their Sugar Candy Poop with Emily Meineke

Hey there entomophiles and welcome to today's show! Today's episode is chock-full of great stuff for you! In the introduction we have a pest profile featuring silverfish and firebrats as well as our Entomology Today news segment. Then we are joined by Emily Meineke of North Carolina State University to talk about urban heat islands, scale insects, and the future of urban pests! Tune in!

Oak lecaneum scale; Courtesy of Oregon State

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Arthro-Pod Episode 8: Art, Beetles, and Curation with Dr. Ainsley Seago


Hello everyone and welcome to our 8th episode! Today we are going to be talking all beetles all the time! We start with our pest profile covering dermestid beetles and introduce our new section, Entomology News! Then we have a great interview with taxonomist and artist extraordinaire Dr. Ainsley Seago!