Thursday, November 30, 2017

Arthro-Pod Episode 34 Attack of the bug-eating plants

Hey there bug lovers! On today's show Michael Skvarla is flying solo to interview fellow Penn State entomologist Dr. Tanya Renner! Dr. Renner is an evolutionary biologist who is helping the world to figure out the evolutionary patterns of carnivorous plants and bombardier beetles. Tune in to learn all about her fascinating research!

Drosera rotundifolia by Tanya Renner 

Show notes for today's episode:

Check out the Renner Lab website-

If you are curious about carnivorous plants or want to grow your own here are some great resources provided by our guest:

For purchasing plants Dr. Renner says, "I’ve working with folks at California Carnivores (Peter D’Amato and Damon Collingsworth) for over a decade and I would highly recommend them. Also, Sarracenia Northwest ( has super nice pitcher plants. I haven’t been able to find a supplier on the east coast yet."

Go check those folks out!

Great books on growing carnivorous plants:
Other good info guides/biology books on carnivorous plants:
The International Carnivorous Plant Society is a great resource for articles on how grow these plants, general biology, and conservation. The society publishes a quarterly newsletter, which includes scientific publications.

Photo by Tanya Renner
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Arthro-Pod at ESA 2017: Making Friends with Ask an Entomologist

Hey there bug lovers! Our final on the road production features Joe Ballenger and Nancy Miorelli of Ask an Entomologist. Tune in to hear about their amazing work and how it can help folks and also learn that scientists are people too with weird hobbies!

This is a road production so you will hear hotel noises and the jingle jangle of our name tags as we get animated!

Check out ask an entomologist at 

We look forward to teaming up with Ask an Entomologist again in the future!

Arthro-Pod Quickcast 2 from ESA 2017: Sheryl Hosler, The Roving Naturalist!

Hey there bug lovers we're coming at you from EntSoc2017 in Denver with another quick-cast! In this episode we meet up with Sheryl Hosler a.k.a The Roving Naturalist! We talk YouTube, how videos help with science communication, and bison poop! Be sure to tune in!

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Arthro-Pod Quickcast from ESA 2017: Sarah Triplett of Butterfly Pavilion

Hey there bug lovers! We're coming at you from the Entomological Society of America National meeting in Denver, CO! We're trying to put together some "quickcasts" for all of you and our first one features Sarah Triplett of Butterfly Pavilion. Tune in to hear about zookeeping as a career and all the wonders that await you at Butterfly Pavilion!
Our first guest at ESA 2017!

Check out the Butterfly Pavilion and head to their website to learn more: