Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Arthro-Pod EP 57: Meet Matt O'Neal of The Soybean Pest Podcast

Howdy, howdy bug lovers! Today's show features a mobile interview with Dr. Matt O'Neal of Iowa State. Matt was in Lincoln, NE to give a departmental seminar and Jody and Jonathan make the journey to meet him on campus!

Matt works on the pests of annual crops and focuses most of his time on soybeans. He is also the co-host of an entomology podcast called "The Soybean Pest Podcast" with Dr. Erin Hodgson! You should check it out, as they have a really fun time talking about many topics!!

Thanks to Matt for joining us and talking about science, parenting, and podcasting (amongst other things!). 

Show notes:

Learn more about the Soybean Pest Podcast here
Matt O'Neal's page with Iowa State
The Bugeaters FC team page
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