Thursday, July 9, 2015

Arthro-Pod Episode 13: Bat-Insect Interactions with Dr. Luke Dodd

On today's show we will be slightly stepping outside of our normal arthropod parameters! Join us as we visit with bat expert Dr. Luke Dodd of Eastern Kentucky University to learn about these interesting insect predators! We also dig into bat conservation, predator/prey interactions, in addition to our usual show segments! 

Dr. Dodd in his natural habitat

One of the stars of the show, a tri-color bat

Pest Profile
The squash vine borer

The squash vine borer can attack and kill squash, pumpkin, and other gourd type plants. If you don't take care of it quick you could lose all your hard work! Tune in to hear about control methods. 
Photos by Jeff Hahn, University of Minnesota
For additional help check out these links:
UNL squash vine borer help
University of Minnesota squash vine borer help
University of Kentucky squash vine borer help

Entomology Today News

David R. Lance, USDA APHIS PPQ

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