Monday, September 29, 2014

Arthro-Pod Episode 2: Boxelder bugs and Insects in Dreams

Hello once again fellow entophiles and welcome to our second episode!

Crack out your pajamas and some chamomile tea because today we're talking about insects in your dreams and nightmares. We discuss dreaming as a process, why you may have insects in your night time brain movies, and how the biology of certain insects may have colored the dream interpretations of them.

Here are some links for those who want to read more:

Klein 2012 Insects & Dreams paper

Dream Moods insect interpretations

Psychic library insect dreams


Photos from Joseph Berger, bugwood wiki 
We also have our first pest profile! This episode features the autumnal invader the boxelder bug! While this pest is rarely damaging to our trees they are quite annoying as they try to settle into our homes for the winter. Luckily we can control them using efficient integrated pest management tactics. Tune in to learn more!

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