Monday, November 10, 2014

Arthro-Pod Episode 5: Fruit Flies and an Interview with a Taxonomist

Welcome everyone to the fifth episode of Arthro-Pod

On today's episode we meet up with our first real life guest, Michael Skvarla of the University of Arkansas. Mike is a taxonomist by trade and is here to talk about taxonomy and sytematics, how to name organisms you discover, and even falconry! 

The legend himself
The episode is our longest yet, but it's full of interesting facts about a type of science not a lot of people think about. 

Mike mentioned a few awesome links to check out!

Mike's falconry blog

Funny taxonomic names

There was a recent article that deals with systematics and re-draws some of the groups of insects. here is more from the awesome Bug-Gwen at


We also have our pest profile of course, featuring the tiny but annoying fruit fly. You can control these diminutive critters but you'll need to use integrated pest management tactics and bring some patience as well. 

Links on fruit fly control:

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