Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Arthro-Pod Episode 7: Bed Bugs 101 with Jennifer Gordon

Hello everyone and welcome to our 7th episode! Today we focus all our attention on one pest, the vampiric bed bug. In order to understand this pest better, we meet up with bed bug expert Jennifer Gordon of the University of Kentucky. So, tune in and learn about bed bug biology, Jennifer's current research efforts, and have some myths busted about bed bugs and their control!

If you find you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, then I sincerely hope that this episode gives you some needed information and hope as you try to eliminate them.

Here are the papers mentioned in the episode you might enjoy checking out:

Jennifer's paper on pyrethroid resistance

Silica dust (Cimexa) article

History of bed bug control by Dr. Michael Potter

Psychological effects of bed bug infestations

Of course you should also be sure to check out bed bug and bed bug control resources from the University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech, and the University of Nebraska

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