Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Episode 22: A Journey into Forest Entomology with Dr. David Coyle

Howdy, howdy bug lovers! Welcome to our latest episode where we will focus in on forest entomology with Dr. David Coyle! Dr. Coyle covers topics such as invasive species biology, what are some of the worst forest invasive insects around, and native bark beetles! It's great stuff, so tune in!

Some of the invasive species we talk about today:  Emerald ash borer
Gypsy moth and the Slow the Spread program
Hemlock wooly adelgid
Redbay ambrosia beetle and Laurel Wilt

David mentions loads of great online resources here are the links to a few of them: 
Don't move firewood
EAB Info
Southern Forest Health 
Southern Regional Extension Forestry 
Dr. Coyle's personal site

And his Twitter

David's favorite insect for the episode is the majestic luna moth and I couldn't resist a nice picture of one

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