Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Welcome to Arthro-Pod 2.0!

Hi there bug lovers! It's been a while since I released an episode and for that I apologize. Arthro-Pod is one of the favorite aspects of my job but it can be tough as a one-man band. That is why I am excited to announce that Arthro-Pod is going through a bit of a relaunch and adding two more hosts to the program! All of us are extension entomologists with a mission to bring entomological knowledge to the masses! Before you tune in, read on to meet your new best bug friends!

Dr. Jody Green, also of University of Nebraska, is joining up and bringing a ton of energy and urban entomology expertise!

You have met Dr. Michael Skvarla on the Arthropod 101 segments we do but he will now be a permanent host, coming to us from Penn State and sharing his knowledge about insect ID and systematics!

We are teaming up to bring you more entertainment, more knowledge, and best of all more episodes! We will still have interview episodes but now will also offer episodes centered around interesting insect cases, journal club type episodes, or just choosing an arthropod we have been getting lots of questions about featuring them for a half hour. I hope you can feel the excitement and that you will keep tuning in and telling your friends about the show!

Thanks for all your support!

The Bug Squad y'all!
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