Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Arthro-Pod EP 97: The Caterpillar that ate 2021 with Dr. Katelyn Kesheimer

Hello bug lovers! Tune in today to learn all about the fall armyworm outbreak of 2021. Our guest is Dr. Katelyn Kesheimer of Auburn University. Katelyn has dealt with FAW for the majority of the summer and has worked tirelessly to produce extension materials and provide information to growers on how to confront this hungry, hungry caterpillar. We cover how the outbreak started, possible reasons why this year was so bad, and how entomologists work together to provide timely info to their home states!

Dr. Kesheimer works on many different kinds of commodities and crops, including hemp!

Fall armyworms have an inverted "Y" on their head and four black dots on their rear that form a square. Photo by Jim Kalisch, University of Nebraska. 

Show notes

You can learn about fall armyworm from the many extension publications dedicated to it online. 
Katelyn was interviewed by the Washington Post on the 2021 outbreak

As fall armyworms march, they feed, leaving behind widespread brown turf in lawns, sports fields, and golf courses. Photos by Katelyn Kesheimer.  

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