Friday, December 10, 2021

Arthro-Pod EP 102: Untangling Insect-Bird Food Webs with Dr. Ashley Kennedy

 Howdy bug lovers! Today, we are honored to be joined by Dr. Ashley Kennedy the Delaware Tick Biologist in the state Division of Fish and Wildlife! However, we are not recording with her to talk about ticks! Instead she shares with us her graduate experiences focused on birds eating bugs. Her research included an interesting angle of recruiting the public to send in images of birds eating. What insects do birds like to eat the most? You'll have to tune in to find out!

Show Notes

Article about Ashley in Entomology Today (June 2021) “Coming Full Circle: How an Entomologist’s Experience with Vector-Borne Disease Inspired her to Study Them” 


When one goes to the ESA meeting near Halloween, it's best to be prepared with an awesome costume! 


Facebook Community Page: What Do Birds Eat? 

Crowd-source photos and resources about birds-insect food web interaction 

 YouTube: Ashley’s video was one of five finalists for the ESA Video Contest in 2018. Great visuals of birds and insects. 


Vimeo: Ashley presenting her PhD research at LRSM Science Café (The Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter, the LRSM, is the center for materials research at the University of Pennsylvania) 
“Living Materials: What the ‘Insect Apocalypse’ Means for You and Your Yard” 
(January 2020) 

Ticks of Delaware: Ticks of Delaware 

You can find Dr. Ashley on twitter @DETickTalk  

We have had some questions recently about donations to the show. We won't be setting up anything for ourselves because of the logistics regarding us being university folks and this show being part of our work, but if you have a giving spirit we highly encourage you to go to the Entomologists of Color group and donate. They are also known as #ENTOPOC and their mission is one that we believe is a great cause for entomology and science. You can visit to support them and say that Arthro-Pod sent you!

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