Saturday, January 29, 2022

Arthro-Pod EP 105: College Arthropod Mascot Mania

Hello bug lovers! Today's show is a little bit different from what we normally offer! We're focusing on college nicknames and mascots that have an arthropod bend to them. There are quite a few schools out there who have chosen an arthropod of some sort to represent them and we are trying to cover them all. From boll weevils to yellowjackets. We discuss issues with the anatomy of some of these mascots, why schools may have picked certain species to represent them, and why we like or dislike each of them. We also handed out some awards to the fictional arthropods we thought deserved them! Tune in to hear all about it!!

Stinger the Hornet of Alabama State University if a good example of the classic arthropod mascot

Show notes

Today's show is a little more visual than our usual audio content. To help with that, we hope you will use the slides below to follow along!

Arthropod mascot Powerpoint

Some links to places where you can find even more mascot information

Wikipedia list of college nicknames

Mascot Database

We also gave out some awards on our show!

Best Overall Presentation

University of Richmond Spiders

Enterprise State Boll Weevils

Cutie Pie Award

Universidad de Guanajuato Bees

University of Baltimore Bees

Most Scientifically Accurate

Alabama State University Hornets

Nevada State Scorpions

Unique choice

University of South Carolina Sumter Fire Ants

Emporia State University Hornets

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