Saturday, February 26, 2022

Arthro-Pod EP 108 Ukrainian Entomology, War, and Defiance

Arthro-Pod host Michael Skvarla speaks with Dr. Viktor Baranov, a Ukrainian entomologist living in Germany, about the unjustified war of aggression between Russia and Ukraine through the lens of entomology. Specifically, they discuss the climate and geography of Ukraine and how that impacts the entomofauna of the country, important historic and living Ukrainian entomologists, Ukrainian amber deposits and how they fit into the wider scope of European (e.g., Baltic) amber, and how the war with Russia may affect entomology in Ukraine in the future. These somewhat disparate topics are threaded together by Dr. Baranov's personal and professional history and experiences.

Show notes

Dr. Viktor Baranov, guest of the episode. He's on Twitter @swarmofthought. Google Scholar, Research Gate, Personal research website.

Map of Ukraine. By Grid Ardenal, in the public domain.


 Hierodula transcaucasica, Crimea. Photo by V. Inshyna, used with permission.


Bolivaria brachyptera, Crimea. Photo by V. Inshyna, used with permission.

Ameles heldreichi, Crimea. Photo by V. Inshyna, used with permission.

Distoleon tetragrammicus, Crimea. Photo by V. Inshyna, used with permission.

Leibelloides macaronius, Crimea. Photo by V. Inshyna, used with permission.


Hydrobaenus korneyevi type locality in Crimea.

 Serhiy Yakowych Paramoniv (1894-1967), a prolific Ukrainian dipterist who described 700 species in 185 scientific articles. Due to his efforts during WWII, a number of historic buildings and lives were saved but after the war he fled into exile from the Soviet Union.  Source: V.O. Korneyev.

Kyiv burning during WWII. September 1941. Public domain.
Ginsburg’s house blown up by Soviet NKVD, September, 1941. In the public domain

 National Academy of Science in Kyiv, one of the buildings saved from destruction by S. Y. Paramoniv. Photograph by Star61, in the public domain.
National Opera in Kyiv. Photograph by AMY via Wikimedia Commons, in the public domain.
Prof. Valery Korneyev, Head of the Department of Entomology, Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv. Google Scholar, Research Gate. Photograph by V. Baranov, used with permission.


Dr. Natalia Matushkina, Institute of Biology and Medicine, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv.  Research Gate.

Learn more about Ukrainian fauna at the Ukrainian Biodiversity Information Network.

Some trustworthy sources for news about Ukraine, including the invasion:
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