Thursday, October 19, 2017

Arthro-Pod Episode 31: Winter is coming for insects

Hi there bug lovers! On today's show Jody and Jonathan discuss how insects survive the falling temperatures of winter. While some may just wait out the cold as an egg, others may stick around as an adult form which can lead to negative interactions in our homes. How can we prevent invaders and which are the most likely to be found indoors? Tune in to find out!

Pictures of Jody's infamous five fall invaders (All photos copyright of Jody Green; Nebraska Extension):
Multicolored Asian ladybeetles, note the "M" on pronotum which stands for multicolored Asian ladybeetle

Conifer seed bug

Cluster fly with fine golden hair

Boxelder bugs clustered together trying to get inside

Brown marmorated stink bug adult, the latest invasive to Nebraska

Show notes on fall invaders

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