Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Arthro-Pod Episode 32: Are you afraid of insects

Hi there bug lovers! On today's show Jody Green and Michael Skvarla talk about fears surrounding our six-legged friends. For some people insects produce feelings of unease and the heebie jeebies! What is that brought them to this and is there any way to overcome it? These questions and more, answered today on Arthro-Pod!

Show notes for today: 

  • Entomophobia – Fear of insects
  • Common entomophobias or insect-related phobias:
  • Apiphobia or melissophobia – fear of bees
  • Spheksophobia – fear of wasps
  • Myrmecophobia – fear of ants
  • Acaraphobia – fear of mites
  • Arachnophobia – fear of spiders
  • Mottephobia – fear of moths

Phobias or fears are not just a dislike for insects or a certain insect, but a deep, persistent and unreasonable fear which elicits symptoms of anxiety (heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, nausea, loss of breath, dizziness) when presented with an entomological stimulus. 

Immersion therapy can involve exposing arachnophobes to spiders such as tarantulas

Causes of specific phobias could be a variety of factors including traumatic childhood experiences, medical condition, genetic predisposition, learned behavior, fear by association and/or an evolutionary or cultural response. 

Arthropods in U.S. Homes:

Some Insect Horror Films (if you are looking for a Halloween movie marathon!)
  • Them! The Naked Jungle 1954
  • Tarantula 1955
  •  The Deadly Mantis. The Black Scorpion,  Monster from Green Hell, Beginning of the End 1957
  • The Fly, The Spider, The Strange World of Planet X 1958
  •  Return of the Fly, The Wasp Woman 1959
  •   Body in the Web 1960
  •  Mothra 1961
  • The Deadly Bees 1966
  • Hives of Horror 1967
  • Genocide 1968
  •  Phase IV 1974
  •  Bug, The Giant Spider Invasion 1975
  • Squirm 1976
  • Empire of the Ants, Kingdom of the Spiders 1977
  • The Swarm, The Bees 1978
  • Phenomena 1985
  • The Fly 1986
  • The Nest 1988
  • The Fly II 1989
  • Arachnophobia 1990
  • Naked Lunch 1991
  • Ticks, Skeeter 1993
  • Mosquito 1994
  •  Mimic, Starship Troopers 1997
  •  Bug Buster 1998
  • Spiders, The Nest 2000
  • Arachnid, Mimic 2 2001
  • Eight Legged Freaks, Infested 2002
  • Mimic 3: Sentinel 2003
  • Insecticidal, Glass Trap, Killing Bee 2005
  •  In The Spider’s Web 2007
  • Infestation, Invicta 2009

Jody has meleagrisphobia – fear of turkeys

Mike has basophobia or basiphobia – fear of falling

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