Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Arthro-Pod EP 46 Talking Ticks with Travis Bourret

Howdy there bug lovers! On today's episode of Arthro-Pod, Jody and Jonathan meet up with Dr. Travis Bourret of Creighton University to talk about ticks! These blood sucking arachnids are a source of consternation and fear every summer, mainly due to their disease vectoring capabilities. 

In this show the gang talks about what ticks are, how they get pathogens inside of them, why not every tick carries every pathogen, and the many types of illness you could contract. At the end, some tips are shared on tick prevention. Tune in!

Know your ticks! Different species can be vectors for different diseases. 
If you would like to contact our guest to discuss ticks, here is some contact info
Instagram: tickdr
Twitter: @drbourret

An American dog tick questing at the tip of a blade of grass. It waits for to host to walk by and then they give them a big hug!

In Nebraska, we mainly deal with American dog ticks or this species- the lone star tick. 
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Two American dog ticks who are just plum full!