Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Arthro-Pod EP 47 How do Insects Mate?

Howdy, howdy bug lovers! Today's episode of Arthro-Pod features Jody and Jonathan covering the risque topic of insect mating! Insects are the most successful animals on earth and their reproduction is part of the reason why. Join us for a PG-13 episode where we discuss insect anatomy, how insects court one another, and how mating probably isn't all that pleasurable to bugs! 

A private moment between two grasshoppers (Photo by Ivy Orellana)

Show Notes
If you want to enjoy National Pollinator Week, check out their site:

Insect courtship can involve the use of sound. Learn more about insect sounds here:

Ask an Entomologist has discussed some of the same topics on their website and we used them as a resource for this recording. Check out their awesome work here: 
Here is a male moth's coremata in action. You'll have to listen to learn what it's for!

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