Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Arthro-Pod EP 48 The ABCs of Chiggers

Hey there bug lovers! On today's itchy episode of Arthro-Pod, the gang discusses the ABCs of chiggers. Chiggers are immature mites that feed on mammals and create itchy, red spots. Tune in to learn about how they melt your skin and drink it up and find out why nail polish isn't gonna help! Plus, how do you keep them off you in the first place? All that and more in the 48th episode of Arthro-Pod!

I want to drink your skin! Photo by Jim Kalisch; UNL Entomology
Show notes
An extension circular from UNL about chiggers
Info from Texas A&M on these mites
     It's been a bad year in Texas for Chiggers
Chigger bites on ankle. Photo by Jim Kalisch; UNL Entomology

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