Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Arthro-Pod EP 94: Talking Ants in August


In this episode we talked about ants! 

 Just a note, the Arthro-pod team had a pre-chat and practiced gratitude before getting into the ants, so if you want to bypass our personal updates, forward to about the 10-minute mark.  

 Some of the things we talked about topics like classification of ants, ants and communism, ants as pests, ants as aphid farmers, ants as beneficial insects, keeping ants as pets, the importance of identifying ants, how baiting works, and how to manage the ants thoughtfully and creatively in your urban landscape.  

Field ant carrying an asparagus beetle larva away. Photo by Jody Green, Nebraska Extension.

 Some of the ants we mention include Eastern black carpenter ants, small carpenter ants, acrobat ants, citronella ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, Argentine ants, fire ants, and the extinct hell ants.  

Citronella ants can be a common sight in and around the home. They really do smell like citronella! Photo by Jody Green, Nebraska Extension

Show notes

We love ants and could have gone on for many episodes, but if you want to know more about ants, check out some of the resources we enjoy.  

AntWeb: https://www.antweb.org 

Ants of North America: A guide to the Genera:  

Urban Ants of North America and Europe: 


There are many ant bait options on the market if you are looking to manage ants in and around the home. Photo by Jody Green, Nebraska Extension

Universities studying ants: 

Lucky Lab at University of Florida: https://andrealucky.com/ 

Moreau Lab at Cornell University: https://www.moreaulab.entomology.cornell.edu/ 

Ant Photos by Alexander Wild: https://www.alexanderwild.com/Ants 

Pavement ants engaged in a battle over territory. Who will win this particular sidewalk?! Photo by Jody Green, Nebraska Extension. 

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